WWW Blog Topics

Women Writing the West blog is currently accepting submissions for the following topics.

  • Trending writing topics
  • Tips to write better
  • Reference books used to enhance writing practices 
  • Writing for magazines and periodicals
  • Writing for pleasure 
  • Research and reference topics
  • Writing as a business
  • How-to topics
  • Articles referencing links to podcasts, blogs, and webpages with attention to the art of writing
  • Submit a suggestion for a topic
  • Current members of Women Writing the West are welcome to submit information about their book releases
What kind of content does WWW accept?
– We welcome any content, written by real writers who show an understanding and expertise in a chosen topic.
– Submissions must be useful for building stronger writing platforms, practical or technical, that readers can use immediately or tag for future.
– Previously published work relating a specific topic from the suggested list, is acceptable. 
– WWW cannot work with agency writers and cannot accept submissions that include political or religious views. 
Links Related to Blog Submissions
Submit to WWW Blog Coordinator ~ List of Accepted Topics ~ Submission Guidelines
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WWW Blog Submission GuidelinesWomen Writing the West reserves the right to make changes to the blog topics at any time. Updated January 2022
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