Building Better Learning

Meet WWW’s New Educational Committee

Exciting news for all members of Women Writing the West! We are proud to announce the formation of an Education Committee. This committee was created to provide educational opportunities for members to further develop their writing skills and, as another member, benefit.

The Education Committee members are Kathy Sechrist, Chair, Denise Senecal, and Linda Wommack. They are dedicated to providing learning opportunities for members, both in Webinars and Workshops. They are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment where members can collaborate, learn, and grow together.

Upon the webinar presenter’s agreement, they will be recorded and available to all members to view/review from the Member’s Only section of We hope to build a library of webinars available on the website that members can access anytime.

Workshops will be delivered on a learning platform where attendees can learn from the presenter’s documents, post their work, and collaborate.

Our first webinar is Uncovering the Truth: A Journey Through the World of Journalism, presented by Susan Tweit, a member of WWW. Watch for the official announcement and the link to register. Wouldn’t it be cool to invite a writer friend who is not a member to watch with you?

The first workshop will be a pitch workshop with Laura Drake. It will be September 24-30, 2022. Watch for the announcement and registration to come out sometime this summer.

We are thrilled to be offering this new resource for our members and can’t wait to see the fantastic work that will come from this new initiative. We hope this will be a valuable asset for all members and help further their careers as writers. If you have questions or ideas for a workshop or webinar, contact Kathy Sechrist.

So join us in welcoming the Education Committee, and don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your writing skills!

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