WWW 2023 Conference Update

~ Silent Auction ~ Email submissions to Conference Chair Rachel Santino at conference@womenwritingthewest.org.For more information about the WWW 2023 Conference and to register, visit our website.

Meet the 2023 Conference Chair

Rachel Santino I am a new member of Women Writing the West. Having joined in the middle of 2021, very few of you reading this blog know who the heck I am. I thought it would be nice to introduce myself and share a little bit about how I ended up here as the currentContinue reading “Meet the 2023 Conference Chair”

The Year of Changes

Remember our lives before “normalcy” was not “normal” any longer? Covid-19 brought us so many things to adjust to – masks, social distancing, no hugging, no crowds – the list could go on, and each of us could add our own personal changes to that list.